Habana by 'Ade Olodun Bespoke Tailors in Lagos Nigeria. Suits. For over a decade, we have provided our clients all over Nigeria with impeccable service, delivering both bespoke and ready to wear suits and shirts.
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About Habana

Habana draws on a rich heritage of design and craftmanship, purveying bespoke and
made to measure / ready to wear pieces to the discerning man.
Bespoke and Ready to Wear

What we do

Drawing on our formidable heritage of design and craftsmanship combined with modern styling and innovation in hand cutting and tailoring, a bespoke suit from Habana remains the ultimate sartorial investment, hand made on our premises in Lagos Nigeria.

Habana was founded in 2004 and our clientele are spread across Nigeria and Europe. Today, we offer not only bespoke but made to measure and ready to wear.

Our ethos lies in tailoring with panache and opulence keeping in view the pronounced Roman line that gives our family i.e our clients, a global competitive advantage in bespoke clothing.